Thursday, August 28, 2008

Embedding Voki's to your blogs

You will need to set up a VOKI account first.
Go to
Create an account if you have not done so using your email account.
Log into your account and either create a new voki or access your old voki by selecting My Voki.
Create your new voki by rereading your paragraph that you wrote last week in class.
After you save the voki click PUBLISH.
If you already have your voki saved, click VIEW - the little eyeball picture.
To add voki to your site select Add to Site. Choose the destination - Blogger.
Choose the size. Select Get Code
Copy the code.
Then open a new post in your blog by selecting the posting tab - New Post.
Make sure the selected tab in the right hand corner of the posting is "Edit HTML"
Paste the code into the window.
Click Preview to see that it worked.
Publish Post

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