Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having Some Fun

After you complete the final you'll probably want a little down time. Here are some sites that allow for creativity to rule. Enjoy.
Imagination Cubed - Invite a friend to collaborate on a drawing.

Make a Pixton Comic about something.

Animate your cartoons with GoAnimate.

Playing with words at Wordle. Write a poem and Wordle it. Put your favorite words into a wordle. There's lots you can do.

Explore science simulations.

And then, for those interested in using their iPods to their fullest educational potential, there is 100 Ways to Use Your iPod in Education.


kanel 8th grade page said...

casey!! I dicided to go on your blog hahaha. Didnt have anything better to do. But ya hope your having a good year :).
with new 8th graders. But we were better. hehe. And you should tell jewelyanna Dilly to do good in science for me. haha miss middle school. But high school is better :).

mscofino said...

Hi Lisette,

Sorry to leave a comment here, but I just sent you a detailed email about the digital citizenship project we have been talking about to your school email and it bounced back with a permanent failure. If you're still interested, please send me an e-mail from a different address.