Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Requim - Kurt Vonnegut

I came across this poem written by Kurt Vonnegut yesterday. Phenomenal and timely considering our new unit approaching after spring break on Earth's Waters.

When the last living thing
has died on account of us,
how poetical it would be
if Earth could say,
in a voice floating up
from the floor
of the Grand Canyon,
It is done.
People did not like it here.

What do you all think of this poem?


Anonymous said...

I dont under stand what it is saying


Hannahs 8th grade page said...

I think the poem is kinda neat of how it is explaining the people all killed each other. I also get why the Eath thinks no one liked it there because we all killed ourselves and left Erath. So i really do like the poem.


Rebelde said...

I think its saying that one day man will be the end of the world, that he has caused our earth to terminate. Or perhaps it is just talking about another autumn passing by.

Emma's8thgradepage said...

I love this poem. It leaves a haunting image. Can you even begin to think of what the Earth would be like without life? Perhaps if this can be spread from person to person, people may be inspired more to save our planet. But the Earth will heal herself, with our help or without. But we may not be around when it comes to the Earth healing herself.

Kailah's 8th Grade Page said...

I really like this poem. It really gets into describing how people are slowly destroying the planet. It's also says how no one seems to care about the path the planet is slowly going along. Maybe if people see this poem, they might also see that they should try to make a difference.

Amanda's 8th Grade Page said...

I liked it,it made a lot of sense were the earth is going right now

J.Shot23 said...

I really liked the poem. I liked the message it sent to people that if people don't act now and make a difference, than there might be consequences. Maybe if this was sent as a chain letter or something like that than maybe people will realize that they might want to make a difference.

camerons said...

It seems like humans killed them selves.

Jims8thgradepage said...

I think this peom is kinda cool because it talks about how man killed each other. They destroyed each other out of existence. How did this happen? Was it through war, pollution,or was it a combination of both. It sends a message that we should do everything possible to fix our planet.

Betsey said...

I like the poem. The mesage it conveys to me that the personified Earth is trying to undersatnd mankind's behavior. The message Earth deduced from mankind's behavior is that mankind dod not like her. We are left thinking, "Is that what we are trying to say?" Do we really want Earth to think we do not like our home? Is that what we meant to say? Are we saying other things with our behavior that we don't mean to say? Be careful.

Robins8thgradepage said...

I think the author is trying to explain that if we don't take care of the planet now then there won't be anything to take care of later.

Bailey said...

I like this poem because i think its saying that people don't take care of the earth and the living things on earth so in a way we don't wont to be there.We just mess up any thing we touch.We should live and care for the earth and the animals on it because sooner or latter were going to kill every thing and we won't have a home

Amanda W. said...

The poem was kind Saying what might happen to the world. The world thought it was betrayed by the people who lived on it. I like it because it's from what the earth would think if nothing was left. I liked it because it was different but in a good way. The poem makes you wonder.