Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth's Waters

Waterfall in the Rainforest by Phillip Roth

Each of you have a movie file to view.

After viewing your movie file, imagine you were visiting this location. What would you see? What are the conditions there? What is the relationship between humans and Earth's waters at your location?

Do some research on this area.

Your next blog post will include an image and a brief description of the area. The image can show any scene from your visit. The description should be thorough, engaging, and answer the following questions:
  1. What is the name and location of your place?
  2. What might your role and the purpose of your visit? (Examples of roles might include engineer, tourist, biologist, scientist, or sailor.)
  3. How would you describe the place? (sights and sounds, plants and animals , and any significant structures)
  4. What does this place reveal about Earth's waters?
  5. What is the relationship between humans and Earth's waters at your location?

If you finish early, feel free to view other movies on the CD provided to you.

You will then need to choose another location. Respond to the blog post. In your response reflect on the significance of each source of Earth's waters. How do they compare to your location? Be ready to explain this location to the class later in the week.

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lflichina said...

Wow that was a whole lot of facts that i didnt know about water! Some were really cool and others made me worry about the water in other contries and how i would never drink it! And some made me regret drinking salt water. But i am glad i read about them because now i know about the dangerously low amount of freash water we have in other places and how i am grateful tohave freash water every day. Some facts i already knew about was the evaporating salt water and you get a lot of salt, but it also scared me a little! But some facts that i didnt know about was the water is rteally scars in some other places. Like we use more water than they drink in a day when we flush the toliet! So tat brought my attention. Well that was a really cool artical and i am glad i read it, see ya.