Sunday, April 5, 2009


Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Today you are going to investigate water.
  1. Go to the the USGS website and take the quiz to see what you know about water.
  2. Learn about water.
  3. Take notes on the structure of water and the properties of water in your composition notebook. Include diagrams and text in your notes. This will help you to create a useful poster related to water in class tomorrow.
  4. Go back the USGS website and retake the quiz to see what you have learned. Report your results to me.
Websites to use:
Create a poster detailing the structure and properties of water.
Take a screen shot of your poster and upload your poster as a jpg image to your blog in a new blog post.


lflichina said...

Wow that was a whole lot of facts that i didnt know about water! Some were really cool and others made me worry about the water in other contries and how i would never drink it! And some made me regret drinking salt water. But i am glad i read about them because now i know about the dangerously low amount of freash water we have in other places and how i am grateful tohave freash water every day. Some facts i already knew about was the evaporating salt water and you get a lot of salt, but it also scared me a little! But some facts that i didnt know about was the water is rteally scars in some other places. Like we use more water than they drink in a day when we flush the toliet! So tat brought my attention. Well that was a really cool artical and i am glad i read it, see ya.

Capoeira Lover 4 Ever said...

I didn't know that we flushed more water than other people drink either. I feel like we take more advantage than we should of our resources.